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Cleaning services are available for handguns, rifles and shotguns.  


Approximate Prices are listed below.   These are just a ballpark figures and may cost more depending on the condition of your firearm.  


Pistol Cleaning                               40.00

Rifle Cleaning                                 45.00

Assault Rifles                                 60.00

Shotguns                                          45.00



I will be offering end of season cleaning and sealing deals in the future.    Rifles and shotguns can be cleaned, oiled, wrapped and vacuum packaged for summer storage.    Your firearm will be well protected in storage.


Estimates are only given in person and upon inspection of your firearm

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Cell Phone: 919-866-2458   
Fax (877) 688-7334                 
Email: sales@AJGunsmithing.com

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